Livestock Farming


Mecfot poultry (A subsidiary of mecfot integrated Agro Alliied services was founded in January 2020,the poultry consist of thousands of layers , Cockerel,Broilers and Turkey.Layers are for commercial egg production while the rest are for meat production. In need of farm fresh eggs?holla us at Mecfot poultry for your eggs at affordable prices and we also do deliveries.


Mecfot Fish Farm(A subsidiary of Mecfot integrated Agro Alliied services was founded in March 2016.We breed catfish from fries to tablesize ,we have environment for hatching to table size We also process smoked fish of different sizes for commercial sales. In need of any sizes of catfish from fries to tablesize? Or smoked fish for your shops and supermarkets? Contact us at Mecfot Fish Farm at 11, joseph Udoh Street,Muslim Avenue, Tokyo,Aboru,Iyana Ipaja Lagos.